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Enchanted - Day in the Garden

Enchanted - Day in the Garden

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Our Day in the Garden is a feast of beautiful little artistic elements coming together to recreate a heavenly bit of Mughlai garden. All yours on paper. Contents: 1) Notepad - Qty 2 2) Folded Note Card - Qty 16 3) Folded Note Card Envelope - Qty 16 Notepad and Folded Note Card can be personalised.

Size: Notepad (5.5" x 8.5",40 Blank Tear-Away Pages), Folded Note Card (4.4” x 3”), Folded Note Card Envelope (4.6" x 3.2")

Paper: Gift Set Fine White Italian Paper 2

Thickness: Notepad 280(Cover), 105(Blank Inner Sheets); Flat Note Card (280); Envelope (120)

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