About us

About us

Paper Design Co (or PDC, as you’ll come to call it) began in 2016. As you may have guessed, the PDC team loves fine paper stationery and wants to spread the love of beautiful-to-touch and visually delightful stationery around. We also realised that there isn't enough out there for the the typical stationery buff. So in a bid to make the offline a wee bit more stationery-friendly, we’re giving you hundreds of designs to choose from and letting you personalise it - online.

We haven't forgotten the digital aficionados amongst us. For them we present a range of beautiful digital cards that can be easily customised, personalised and downloaded or shared via Facebook and WhatsApp.

Our range is eclectic - creamy papered invites for a peachy new born’s celebration, delicately printed florals for a bridal shower, or stark monogrammed visiting cards that gain an entry to a corner office (and stay there). All you need to do is spend time on our site, and we’ll create them for you.

In our bid to bring you (and the ones who receive PDC products from you) the best, we have on our team the finest designers, the best in technology and others who're just as passionate about paper and ink as you are.

We know you'll enjoy the PDC experience as much as we enjoyed creating it for you, and we look forward to seeing you return.